The textbooks of the future

Apple just announced a new application called iBooks Author. The software allows you to create and then publish your own interactive eBook for free. It’s pretty amazing to say the least. Now you can publish your own book, the way you want it and have access to millions of viewers on iTunes.

If you’re familiar with using Keynote (Apple’s version of PowerPoint) then you’ll love the programs intuitive features. You just choose a template, drag and drop your content and then submit to publish.

The only stipulation is the strict user agreement. If you want to sale your eBook, you’ll have to sale it through Apple and then pay them 30% of the profits.

This is a pretty good deal considering that if you went through a large book publisher, you’d have to pay them a lot more money than what Apple’s charging. And your book would likely take months if not years of reediting and strict scrutiny before it was ever published.

That being said, many people wonder if Apple can really enforce a contract that states any book created with their software can only be sold through them. It’s like saying, you can’t sell a document made on Word without going through Microsoft.

All technicalities aside this is an incredible opportunity for creative’s of all types to make some pretty awesome interactive eBooks for the iPad.

For more info on this head to Photofocus and the Huffington Post.

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